Commissions Are Open!

2017-06-16 21:42:43 by ODriku

Hey-o, everyone! Do you like my artwork? So you want me to draw you something? And upload it??? ON THE INTERNET???

Well hey-hidey-hay, today's your lucky day!

I am currently doing commissions! If you would like to partake in said extravaganza, click on the link below where you can learn more (Prices, examples, etc.)!

If you are interested, you can comment here, PM me on NG or Note me on DA, any of those will do just fine.

Augh, what a weekend!

2017-04-25 20:12:04 by ODriku

Whoa hey, a news post, this is new(s).

So, well, I entered Ludum Dare!

But because of unforseen health problems during the weekend and a bad internet connection, I didn't manage to actually upload my game until this morning, and it's not on Newgrounds. I wanted it to be, but for some reason it kept cutting off and only showing the corner of the game when I embedded it. I'm not too torn up, it was, afterall, a pretty crap game, haha.

Although I'm kinda disappointed that I was so late in uploading it and I couldn't put it on the site I wanted, it taught me a lot and I will most likely be using the knowledge I learned from it to make a BETTER small game that I may upload on here if things go my way.

But, like, HOLY MOLY did it take a lot out of me, I must've gotten maybe a combined 7 hours of sleep during the entire three day period. Really worn out, gonna probably take two or three days and mess around, might have another painting I'll do, we'll see.