Augh, what a weekend!

2017-04-25 20:12:04 by ODriku

Whoa hey, a news post, this is new(s).

So, well, I entered Ludum Dare!

But because of unforseen health problems during the weekend and a bad internet connection, I didn't manage to actually upload my game until this morning, and it's not on Newgrounds. I wanted it to be, but for some reason it kept cutting off and only showing the corner of the game when I embedded it. I'm not too torn up, it was, afterall, a pretty crap game, haha.

Although I'm kinda disappointed that I was so late in uploading it and I couldn't put it on the site I wanted, it taught me a lot and I will most likely be using the knowledge I learned from it to make a BETTER small game that I may upload on here if things go my way.

But, like, HOLY MOLY did it take a lot out of me, I must've gotten maybe a combined 7 hours of sleep during the entire three day period. Really worn out, gonna probably take two or three days and mess around, might have another painting I'll do, we'll see.